Be part of a future where making movies and TV is democratic, collaborative, and efficient

The answer
to a broken system

An antiquated centralized system that treats fans as consumers and creators as products.

A vision based on three core principles:


Revolutionizing entertainment by decentralizing and democratizing filmmaking through DAO governance.


Empowering fans to greenlight the movies and TV they want to see, govern the ecosystem, and have an active voice in the new filmmaking industry.


Providing creators with access to an inclusive, success-oriented environment where their work is supported by fans and validated through meaningful data. facilitates world-class movies and TV gives fans a voice in deciding what movies and TV shows get made, bypassing the traditional intermediaries and gatekeepers.

Creators realize their visions by harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, and the commitment and support of fans and investors.

Investors get access to meaningful data so the best projects find the support they need, regardless of the opinions of out-of-touch decision-makers.

The future of film is collaborative is replacing the competitive, dog-eat-dog world of filmmaking with a more collaborative fan-creator-investor model that ensures projects people are excited about are supported and funded.

Harnessing future-facing technology is driving a technology-forward re-architecture of today’s Hollywood by bringing it onto the blockchain, giving rise to a filmmaking environment that is more transparent, consensus-based, and inclusive.

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