What is an AirDrop?

Film.io’s 2022 Airdrop is complete! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fan Governance Token Airdrop, we had an amazing response with over 200k+ fan and creator entries! Submissions are now closed. You can join our Discord and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and exclusive opportunities such as giveaways, perks, film events, airdrop notifications and […]

A Decentralized Hollywood: What that means for Creators

It’s no secret that Hollywood is centralized. A few large studios control what gets made and who gets to participate in the process. This isn’t good for content creators or audiences. With blockchain, we can create a decentralized Hollywood where anyone can participate in making films and television shows. This will lead to more diverse […]

The Film.io DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is HERE

The Film.io DAO—the film industry’s first—has launched. What is a DAO? DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization, which is a fancy term for a group of people who agree to abide by certain rules for a common purpose. Those rules are written into the code of the organization via smart contracts—algorithms that run when certain […]

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