An innovative dual token model providing
maximum compliance, value and functionality.

The FAN Token* gives you a say in how the entertainment industry is run

The FAN Token is the governance and platform token used to join and participate in the DAO as well as other platform activities.


Benefits for Fans:

  • Stake tokens towards projects to show support
  • Earn increased reputation for liking and reviewing projects 
  • Earn increased governance power


Benefits for Creators:

  • Increased Go Score as more fans stake towards the project
  • Enabling funding options and other powerful tools


*FAN Tokens are not a financial instrument and has no monetary value. Staking shows your support for a project and helps creators unlock their Go Score and earn additional functionality.
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The FILM Token** supports transparent and intelligent investment

Coming soon, the FILM Token is’s DeFi and staking token that facilitates the financial features of the platform. FILM is used to fund projects through the various funding mechanisms of, including crowdfunding, DeFi loans, NFT campaigns, and more.


Benefits to FILM token holders

  • Fund projects through the ecosystem’s funding protocols
  • Deposit as collateral for delegated CrowdLoans, generate loan guarantor fees, entry and exit fees
  • HODlers gain whitelist access to NFT drops, priority access and preferred valuations on project funding campaigns, and more


**When available, FILM and associated functionality will be offered only in accordance with the regulations of each legal jurisdiction.
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Greenlight projects

FAN Tokens are the means by which fans support creators and validate projects. Staking FAN Tokens to a project increases its Go Score, proving to investors it has legs, unlocking features and funding for the creator.

Have a say in how is run

FAN Tokens are governance and utility tokens used to participate in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Fans can exercise their influence by staking FAN Tokens to projects and will increasingly be able to propose and vote on initiatives for new features as DAO participants.

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