• Apr 2, 2020
  • By Filmio Team

COVID-19 Financing Solutions

No one expected that 2020 would be the year we couldn’t touch our faces or hug our friends. Before this year, most of us thought “social distancing” was something angsty teenagers did while they sat in their rooms listening to Rage Against the Machine. And while American companies are quickly transitioning to remote offices, most of us were not prepared to move our workspaces from our offices to our homes with little warning. 

Although the majority of us are making adjustments in our work environments, some must find entirely new ways of approaching business. Industries that rely heavily on in-person contact face some of the biggest challenges of all. For many independent content creators, finding a new way to execute seems like an uphill battle given that the nature of their work requires face-to-face interactions like meeting with investors or shooting a scene. 

The Fundraising Challenges Coronavirus has Created

It’s no secret that the film and entertainment industries are highly exclusive. Without inner-circle connections, creatives tend to rely on film festivals and conferences to network with people who can provide access to the financing needed for their production. Meeting others in the industry is imperative because the next introduction could be to the person to fund everything. Savvy, independent creators are always ready to pitch investors and venture capitalists on their big ideas. 

However, due to the Coronavirus, festivals from SXSW in Texas to Cannes in France, are canceled or postponed. Face-to-face meetings feel impersonal with a looming six-foot buffer, and handshakes are no longer an advisable way to seal a deal.

Coronavirus and the Film Industry

With major marketing routes for independent content creators virtually vanishing, this has become a tough time for small-time creators. It was challenging enough to get noticed even with a physical presence, but now rejection seems as easy as deleting an unsolicited email. 

However, the world needs original content now, more than ever. People are viewing massive amounts of media through streaming services, which are now our main outlet for cultural and artistic expression, but the redundancy of what comes out of Hollywood gets tiresome when there isn’t much else to do. We may be going quarantine-crazy for new content, but Hollywood is on hold. Production companies have halted work on major projects, and studios are delaying major film releases. 

Our access to cultural expression is limited right now due to our need for social distancing, but as humans, we yearn to connect with one another. Within our new personal boundaries, there is space to share the kinds of fresh ideas people are looking for. New opportunities are emerging from the shifting entertainment landscape, and the public desires authentic and imaginative creative output. This new environment has created the perfect opportunity for content creators to have their ideas noticed. 

COVID-19 Financing Solutions

To fresh content creators, the challenges of getting a project off the ground may seem insurmountable. However, the Filmio Decentralized Platform is equipped to validate and support creative production regardless of external influence. COVID-19 is spurring a worldwide paradigm shift, and Filmio is ready. Filmio gives creators on the decentralized platform incomparable access to funding and the freedom to create and collaborate, unrestrained by the confines of social distancing, political noise and third-party friction.

Everyone who loads content onto Filmio obtains equal footing from the start. Creators have access to promotional materials that immediately help them build and connect with an audience. Projects get matched with investors whose interests align with their genre and style, and the potential for funding increases as fans give feedback that boosts the popularity score. 

All transactions and interactions take place over secure, peer-to-peer networks, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings. Creators, artists and investors can communicate and work together no matter where they are in the world. Filmio is an inclusive platform where everyone involved in a project can focus on creating high-quality, original content that fans will love.

Digital Solutions to Physical Problems

In our effort to combat COVID-19, we have magnified the ways that we rely on both technology and each other. We can’t do business in a vacuum, but we have to distance ourselves to stay healthy. So we use enterprise application software to keep the world turning. Interaction is necessary, but we must protect ourselves and our loved ones, so we use social media like Facebook, Skype and Zoom to keep our relationships afloat. 

Filmio sits right where technology’s business functionality and relationship functionality intersect by supporting the collaboration, creation and interaction the entertainment community needs to keep extracting meaning from their everyday experiences. The creators who make up the voices of our culture have opportunities to finance their projects despite the need for social distancing, and fans can create communities around emerging artists from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Tech companies like Filmio provide a stable foundation for our changing infrastructure and support an exciting economic and social realignment. When our world finds stability once again, these companies will be stronger than ever.