• Mar 24, 2020
  • By Filmio Team

Fundraising on Filmio

When it comes to raising funds for an independent production, content creators need to be master multi-taskers. Project momentum is heavily reliant on financing, but investors want to see a complete package before they contribute. Therefore, independent content creators must continuously tinker with the technicalities of their productions, edit their pitches to make them water-tight and time their fundraising campaigns to ensure maximum interest and exposure. 

Different Ways to Fundraise

Micro and low-budget films may be funded entirely through personal finances and contributions from friends and family, but venturing outside the personal network is more of a challenge. Investors have the most to consider because they commit money from their own wallets. They want to know that a project is marketable and that the people behind it will deliver what they promise. Independent content creators who are new to the industry have not had time to build their reputation, which means that making a connection with an investor outside of their network can be nearly impossible.

Creators face some of the same challenges with venture capitalists, who typically want to see that the leaders of a project have some notoriety and that the production has traction before they invest. Additionally, venture capitalists like to have tighter controls over a project to guarantee the largest return on investment for their partners. If a creator wants to go the venture capital route, they typically need to give up a percentage of ownership in their creation.

Crowdfunding is a popular method for independent artistic projects, but well-known producers, directors and actors usually create the most successful crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfunding is a great way to get friends and family to pitch in, but garnering attention from anyone who can contribute the kind of money needed to get a film project off the ground is a real challenge if you have not yet been initiated into the industry.

Filmio solves the problems independent creators face because it gives creators multiple ways to fund their projects while gaining exposure with fan validation. Filmio is democratizing the filmmaking industry and giving creators an easy onramp to raise funds through the Filmio Decentralized Platform (FDP). This unique approach to fan-validated content gives creators exciting opportunities to obtain the financing they need for their projects to succeed.

Fundraising on Filmio

The architecture of the FDP gives creators five primary avenues for funding:

Off Platform Funding

Filmio facilitates relationships with scouts and third-party investors. Creators usually would not have access to these resources unless they were already known in the industry. The fan validation aspect of Filmio gives productions recognition before they require major financial backing by featuring the most successful projects in their showcase. 

Filmio Studios

In addition to featuring projects in the showcase for off-platform agencies and investors to scout, Filmio has its own studio that funds the very best projects. When a creator receives a Go Score of 80 or more, they can apply for funding through Filmio Studios and compete in a Greenlight Competition where Filmio chooses to invest in the most promising projects.

TIXS – Advance Sale Tickets

Filmio provides a way for fans to stay connected to a production’s progress as it evolves by offering discounted presale tickets before the final project is released. Creators have the opportunity to build and curate their fan base through interaction with ticket-holders who are invested in the production, and they will have access to a percentage of the tokens earned from ticket sales.

Donations and Subscriptions

Donations and monthly subscriptions are another way creators can build relationships with fans and vice versa. Fans have the option to donate FAN tokens to their favorite projects in a show of support. These donations can be a one-time event or monthly subscription, and creators can subsequently give fans access to exclusive content just for donors. The reciprocal relationship builds excitement around a project and gets fans engaged in the creative process.

Project Jumpstarts

Jumpstarts are distributed from a pool of FAN tokens that help projects gain momentum by rewarding creators for reaching platform milestones. Writing a project summary or loading a poster are a couple of ways creators may earn jumpstarts, which can then be used to purchase promotional materials and campaigns supported by Filmio. 

Revolutionary Funding Models Help Upend the Film Industry

Democratizing the filmmaking industry is an enormous undertaking that will forever change the way movies and TV shows are financed and made, and Filmio is up for the task. When creators have fair and equal access to the funding they need to support their projects, everyone wins. The Filmio Decentralized Platform allows creators to present their production to an engaged audience, build a loyal following and compete for funds based on the quality and popularity of the project instead of who they know. 

In addition to giving creators fair and equal access to funding, audiences get to participate in the creative process like never before. They can help make sure their favorite projects get off the ground, and they have the opportunity to give feedback to and interact with the creators themselves. Filmio makes the filmmaking process a social experience where fans are no longer mere spectators but active participants. 

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