• Jan 30, 2020
  • By Filmio Team

The Team Behind Filmio

Between our core team and our advisors, Filmio has a well-rounded crew that’s worked alongside the best and brightest in media and technology. From our combined experiences, we got to see how these industries operate internally and realized there were quite a few processes in need of a reboot.

Why We Created Filmio

We created Filmio to level the playing field between content creators and those watching and investing in movies. Most writers and directors have ideas to pitch; however, getting them in front of people with the money to make it happen requires a lot of networking. This causes a gatekeeping mentality in the industry, making it hard for producers and studios to come across new projects. The end result is that those with capital and resources invest in projects that are safe bets in terms of branding and ROI, but often lack originality or creative risk. 

Because this model in the entertainment industry is so exclusive, producers and studios are confined to the same silos around the industry’s hubs. Outside of their protected silo and film industry hubs like Hollywood, they have almost no meaningful metrics for seeing how an audience might react to a novel concept or idea. This leaves most film choices based on post-production research screenings (at best) or what they’ve previously seen work (at worst). However, Filmio looks to solve these problems.

Our goal was to create a system wherein content creators, producers and fans can freely connect over great ideas. By producing a transparent system for filmmakers to upload their stories and have fans vote on what they want to see made, producers can see in-depth, algorithmic data behind fans’ vested responses. This creates a system where producers can discover the types of projects they’re aiming to make, while creators can not only connect with financiers but also get the feedback they need to improve their projects further. As a team that seeks to push the industry forward, we’re excited to deliver a solution that could break down time-worn barriers. 

Here are a few members of the Filmio team that are at the forefront of disrupting the entertainment industry.

The Team

Bryan Hertz is Filmio’s Executive Chairman. Previously the founder of Voxox, Hertz, has a history of developing technology platforms that can scale. A current board member of Skyy Digital Media (a company backed by Carlos Slim), his experience of understanding leadership from the top-down perspective helps guide Filmio to delivering a top-tier service that’ll make a significant impact on the industry.

Next, we have Ian LeWinter, Filmio’s president. LeWinter is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the field; he has done work alongside Toshiba, Intuit, Cox and Tenet Healthcare. With extensive experience in managing communications in technology and entertainment, Ian has also led ID Communications, which has breached into a lot of new media strategies as well. 

Chris Davis serves as CTO. Davis has over 20+ years of experience in design and engineering, working to help develop the likes of WordPress, Apache and jquery. With a hand in a lot of the web’s impactful infrastructural projects, Davis has a big vision for how Filmio can grow and looks forward to adding it as another win under his belt.

Finally, Filmio’s leadership is also rounded out by Orlando Pedregosa (Chief Production Officer), Don Richmond (Chief Marketing Officer), Corey Hertz (Chief Product Officer), Kevin Hertz (Director), Peter Bowers (Chief Content Officer) and Bob Giargiari (Chief Financial Officer), who collectively have worked on high-profile clients such as HBO, Babieka Films, ESPN, Showtime, Voxox and Rage Against The Machine. Filmio also welcomes award-winning director Patrick Read Johnson (EVP of Development) who has worked on movies like Space Invaders, Angus and Baby’s Day Out. 

With a team of film and TV veterans, we’re both amazed and humbled for everyone to align on Filmio’s central vision, which we hope will change the future of filmmaking.

Where Will We Go From Here?

Filmio is built by a team ready to disrupt the status quo. We hope to tear down the old structures built upon walled gardens, exclusivity and sequel plague. Instead, our mission is to completely change the filmmaking process, developing a platform that’s accessible for everyone from the jump. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out Filmio’s private beta, we’ve included a link to request early access. As we like to practice what we preach, we welcome any feedback about the platform, including what you’d like to see improved. To truly change this industry starts with breaking down the walls previous generations have built around it, enabling creativity to flow freely between all the parties involved. 

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about Filmio, you can check out the rest of our website here: https://film.io/.