• Jan 28, 2020
  • By Filmio Team

How to Get Your Project on Filmio

Filmio will define the future of film because it levels the playing field for content creators, fans and investors alike. Unlike Hollywood, Filmio’s filmmakers will have access to funding without having to tap into traditional resources, fans have their voices heard in the production process and investors receive crucial data that will help them make investment decisions.

We created Filmio to democratize the production process and increase the creative output from the untapped gems and mainstays alike. As a decentralized marketplace for TV and film producers as well as VR designers, our goal is to empower content creators by connecting them with financiers as well as film and production studios who can fund, license and distribute their final products. 

Let’s take a look at why you would want to list your project on Filmio as a content creator:

Bridging The Finance Gap

Getting a project financed in the film industry is challenging for many independent creators. When financiers in the film industry make investments, at large, they are focusing on their return on investment. That is why producers often hedge their bets on what’s safe (prequels, sequels, and franchises) versus new ideas that fans might love. However, Filmio provides a solution to this problem.

Filmio helps content creators receiving funding as well as licensing and distribution deals from investors and production companies via our matchmaking algorithm. The process is simple:

  1. The creator onboards their project and specifies what they are looking for from a financier or production studio.
  2. At the same time, investors and production companies create profiles on the Filmio Decentralized Platform and specify what type of projects they want to invest in.
  3. Afterward, Filmio’s Decentralized Platform curates and matchmakes projects based on the creator’s project performance and financiers’ needs and interests. 

One of the greatest obstacles for content creators has been receiving funding. Independent creators and small-scale producers are often excluded from the conventional product-to-market model in the entertainment industry. But Filmio is looking to change that; content creators will find the fund-raising aspects of the Filmio Decentralized Platform to be crucial resources that help them succeed.

Connecting Studios With Content Creators

In the current product-to-market model in the entertainment industry, there really isn’t a way for independent creators to reach out to studios and producers to pitch them their project. At the moment, connecting with film studios and financiers to pitch projects is based on personal relationships. This model prevents a majority of content creators from receiving access to the resources that they need to make their project a success–this is a problem that Filmio solves.

With a team founded by film and TV industry veterans, our network in the film, TV production and financing industries is extensive. There are many film studios, investors and producers who are hungry for new stories and ideas. Until now, they haven’t had a way to quantifiably measure how successful a project produced outside of Hollywood will be. However, for the first time, Filmio has developed a solution for film and TV studios as well as investors–the Filmio Go Score.

Feedback During A Project’s Creation 

The Go Score is a rating mechanism that is dependent on the algorithmic summation of fan feedback and interest in a project. It provides meaningful statistics for studios and investors to use in exploring which projects they might want to produce or fund. 

In the process of receiving their Go Score, creators receive feedback from potential viewers of their final project along the entire production pathway. This gives filmmakers the chance to optimize their project before it hits the market. Several factors could ruin the potential of a great film, which is exactly what Filmio is looking to help creators and investors avoid.

Finally, Filmio gives investors meaningful data that they can use to gauge what type of projects are going to be most successful. As investors primarily look at film and TV projects through the lens of ROI, the Go Score gives them the ability to see what projects are seeing genuine engagement from the community, providing authentic data points that make for more sound investments. This creates a metric that can finally measure how different ideas and story types can thrive on the big screen, as well as helps the industry get away from utilizing less reliable, late-stage screenings for actionable feedback. 

How To Get Your Project on Filmio

The first step in getting your film on Filmio is requesting access here, where you can sign up as a creator or fan. As we’re currently still in development, we’ll be sending out a link for our MVP within the next year.

Why You Should Join

By democratizing the filmmaking industry, Filmio will greenlight the future of entertainment.

By giving content creators access to financiers and film studios, for what might be the first time in history, independent creators will be able to turn their ideas into high-level productions. To help streamline how content is produced, our goal is to increase the creative output of the industry, as well as enable multimedia projects to finally reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a fan of film or a creator yourself, we welcome everyone to come and be a part of this new and exciting change in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about Filmio, feel free to hop into our Telegram channel to ask questions, and make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest company developments!

Help us define the future of film, sign up today at https://film.io/#more-info.