• Jan 21, 2020
  • By Filmio Team

What is Filmio?

Films and TV productions are notoriously difficult to create. There are even movies about how challenging it is for filmmakers to bring their visions to fruition. Creative projects are also products, so it’s even more frustrating for viewers when the movies that do come out aren’t very good. Where is their say in what they get to see? 

Fortunately for movie and TV lovers as well as investors, Filmio has created a solution that empowers creatives, fans and financiers. Filmio is a creative incubator, a market validator and a distribution launchpad for the Film, TV and Virtual Reality (VR) industries that solves the problems within the current TV, Film and VR design industries.

Addressing Problems in Hollywood 

Hollywood’s model is broken. Big studios control almost everything: if you have an idea, a skill, or even a piece of a project, it needs to go through them first. Hollywood has a reputation as a cutthroat place where incredible ideas get shut down because they aren’t guaranteed money-makers and people who attempt to produce projects independently typically have to raise their own capital first. 

Said studios and their resources are also frustratingly closed off to first-time and independent filmmakers. If you paid attention to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, you probably know that there were 112 films featured—but that’s out of 14,259 that were submitted. That’s less than 1% of all movies submitted! As you can see, conventional outlets for financing, producing and distributing projects are unfairly exclusive and selective. 

Likewise, all viewers get to see is the final product. What if they spend $12 on a movie ticket and hate it? Such is the risk in the industry’s current form, but shouldn’t customers have a say in what they are asked to watch, instead of being spoon-fed sequel after sequel? Other industries do that; they take consumer feedback into account, whereas Hollywood’s idea of this is, “Oh, you liked the first one? Well then, you’ll pay to see the next.” Fans deserve to be more than mere spectators. 

This model is incredibly frustrating from an investor’s point of view as well. They want to fund promising projects with a high likelihood of financial success and critical reception, but without relevant data to analyze, the criteria of “promising” becomes stale. Because we involve potential viewers in the film, TV and VR creation process on Filmio, fans provide feedback on stories and production value before projects are completed, that way, financiers can use this data to evaluate projects more effectively. 

How Filmio Works 

Do you ever wish you could beta test your own story? Part of the current creative process is producing a piece of media, releasing it and hoping people like it. Wouldn’t so many of your headaches go away if you could glean audience input from the beginning so that you know you are making something they’d like to see? There would still be a few surprises, of course, but Filmio is your chance to generate buzz about your project as soon as your imagination conceives the idea. 

So, here’s how it works: a content creator uploads their project to the Filmio Decentralized Platform (FDP). Why is it decentralized? Because it uses blockchain technology, which records all data input into its system and makes it unalterable. This way, original ideas have a verifiable time stamp, so you know which projects belong to whom and who came up with them first. 

Next, fans evaluate and rate the projects on the FDP. They provide feedback depending on what information creators offer, such as if they find a premise interesting. They use FAN tokens to vote on and even donate to projects they want to see reach completion. Their votes generate a project’s “Go Score,” and once this score is high enough (80, to be exact), it can advance to the next stage. 

Fan validation creates data—data that investors can use to analyze a project’s potential. They’re looking for hit movies, TV shows and VR experiences, so this unprecedented amount of information provides them with practical insight into what projects will result in the most ROI. As Filmio projects are exposed to third-party investors, bigger studios, competitions and other entities and opportunities, these projects can become the well-produced stories their creators and fans want them to be, exempt from the biases of Hollywood bureaucracy. 

Join Filmio

Creating engaging media should not hinge on who you know. With Filmio, content creators get to connect with fans from the get-go in a tokenized interactive ecosystem. If you’re a creator who is worried about how people will react to your story, why not ask them? Likewise, fans deserve a voice in what they pay to see, so Filmio provides them with a gamified experience where they can show support for the projects they are interested in and get rewarded for participating. 

All of these interactions between fans and creators tell a story of their own. The film, TV and VR industries are risky because all fans see are final products, but investors can make more sound decisions based on the story the numbers convey. Filmio is introducing never-before-seen metrics and analytics because we don’t need more box-office bombs. 
Filmio is currently in private beta, but we are providing select content creators and fans with early access to the FDP so that they can connect and get projects up and going before the masses come. If you want further details about how Filmio works and what it can do for you, please join our Telegram group.