We democratize entertainment.
Filmio is the world’s most powerful platform for democratizing entertainment.

A new model for creators, fans and investors.
At film.io, filmmakers can craft their stories in collaboration with the fans who love and support them, having free access to a platform where fans possess the power to validate, greenlight and fund the entertainment they want to watch. In this new, decentralized ecosystem, gone is the centralized power architecture of the big, controlling studios made up of only a small group of people who make all of the decisions and reap all of the rewards. Instead, fans and creators work together in a free, unbiased environment to validate, fund, develop and distribute their favorite content. Film financiers and studios benefit, too, by gaining access to films with pre-developed audiences and a never-before-available dataset to help de-risk greenlight and investment decisions.

Your dream. Your vision.
Filmio is that dream realized—the transformation and re-architecture of today’s filmmaking ecosystem onto the blockchain. Using fundamental blockchain protocols and artificial intelligence (AI), Filmio has designed a filmmaking environment that is decentralized, inclusive, transparent, consensus based and efficient.