What is an AirDrop?

Film.io’s 2022 Airdrop is complete!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fan Governance Token Airdrop, we had an amazing response with over 200k+ fan and creator entries! Submissions are now closed. You can join our Discord and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and exclusive opportunities such as giveaways, perks, film events, airdrop notifications and more!

An AirDrop involves sending Cryptocurrency Coins or governance Tokens to Wallet addresses. Tokens are sent to the wallets of active members of the Blockchain community in return for performing small services, such as retweeting a post. The main goal of an AirDrop is to promote awareness of a new token or coin.

We’re hosting an AirDrop!

Film.io is hosting its first governance token AirDrop to ignite the creator and fan early adopters of our decentralized ecosystem. We are airdropping governance power for the world’s first filmmaking DAO across the globe. Our growing blockchain community will work together to:

  • Spread the word about Film.io throughout the global crypto and entertainment communities, 
  • excite new fans and creators to join the platform, 
  • and support the entertainment projects they want to see get made

AirDrops are an exciting way for a project to build its blockchain community. 

Benefits for participating

A few of the benefits:

  • It’s completely free. Film.io is giving you governance over the world’s entertainment marketplace.
  • You’ll be joining the world’s first filmmaking industry DAO and will be a part of the most powerful decentralized filmmaking industry ecosystem
  • You’ll be able to stake your FAN Governance Tokens and support projects that you love and want to become a reality (and earn more tokens in the process)! 
  • DAO members will be part of a fair, equal, and unbiased filmmaking ecosystem and early supporters will get a headstart on earning more FAN Governance Tokens for increased governance power on the platform!

How to join and get free Tokens?

Film.io is hosting the largest entertainment industry AirDrop in history over the next few weeks and you can participate by joining our Fan or Creator campaigns and have a shot at winning thousands in BTC and reserving your Film.io FAN Governance Tokens.

Film.io is airdropping 40 Million FAN Governance Tokens to 2,000 Creators and 20,000 Fans who want to help govern an entirely reinvented Hollywood on the blockchain. Reserving these FAN Tokens allows you to claim them for free in your wallet upon Early Access Launch, and early supporters will get a headstart on earning more FAN Governance Tokens for increased governance power in the Film.io DAO!

Creators who participate will be entered to compete for a chance to win $10,000 in Bitcoin to be used in the development of their film, or TV project, and Fans will be entered to compete for a chance to win $1,000 in Bitcoin.  

Some of the benefits of participating in this AirDrop:

  • As a creator, this is a great opportunity to launch your film or TV project on Film.io where you can gain support from fans worldwide. The first 2,000 approved creator submissions will also receive 10,000 FAN Governance Tokens and have a chance to win $10k in BTC to help develop your project!
  •  As a Fan, you will gain a headstart to earn more Film.io FAN Tokens and governance power to greenlight the film and TV projects you want to see get made, and have a chance to win $1k in BTC!

To learn more about Film.io’s AirDrop campaign, make sure to follow our social channels, join our Discord and stay tuned!

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